R20 Laser Technique for Removing Tattoos in less sessions

This latest technique is a way of laser tattoo removal that decreases the number of sessions and overall time it takes for a tattoo to be removed.

The standard laser tattoo removal method uses a single pass over the tattoo. Every 6-8 weeks one is required to go back for another session. The disadvantage to this technique is the amount of time it takes to remove the tattoo. This single pass method could take a minimum of 6 sessions. If you do your calculations, that’s a minimum of 9 months to remove a tattoo (in the best case scenario). That’s a long time to wait!

But don’t worry – there is a new technique which reduce your tattoo removal sessions by 4 times for black ink tattoos, reducing the visibility of the tattoo 50%-85% in just one session!

R20 Tattoo Removal Technique

The “R” stands for “Repeating” and the “20 “stands for 20 minutes. The R20 Method will do a single pass over the laser every 20 minutes, up to 4 passes max. This is essentially 4 removal treatments crammed into one session. A 20 minute wait period is required because each pass of the laser produces very small air bubbles on top of the tattoo (see photo). The laser cannot penetrate through this frost until approximately 20 minutes later when another session can be conducted.

R20 tattoo removal technique

A therapist will usually pass over the Tattoo twice in one sitting, as there has to be a limit on how much the client can take in one sitting. Even passing over twice in one session is going to reduce the overall sessions needed in half.  A great selling point to your clients!

Also another thing to consider, is the energy output of your machine.  If your equipment isn’t powerful, then the tattoos are still going to take a long time to remove.  You need a machine with HIGH power to break down those ink particles as much as possible in one session.  We would say at least 1600mJ for output.  See The Tattoo Terminator.