Contraindications for Laser Tattoo Removal – when you can’t have tattoo removal

 Not all patients are suitable for laser tattoo removal. It’s important to recognise these points when considering whether to perform tattoo removal on a client: POSSIBLY CAN TREAT BUT BE CAREFUL! • Bleeding Disorders • Rheumatoid Arthritis/ Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis • Subnormal Intelligence orPsychiatric Disorders • History of Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation • Chronic Disease (Crohn’s Disease, IBD, etc.) • Poorly […]

Dorco razors

New Dorco 6 Blade razor means closer shave, easy rinse technology and lasts longer

Introducing the latest advancement in Razor design and technology. Dorco razors are used by millions worldwide.  The company was actually founded back in 1955, so we they have over half a century of expertise. Their  newly launched UK site offers premium razors at affordable prizes, available at your fingertips on your smartphone, tablet or computer. They offer three […]